Oct. 13, 2021

Adopting a Minority Mindset

#24: Entrepreneur Jaspreet Singh joins Chris to discuss what a minority mindset is and how you can have one yourself. They talk about how to get through the tough early days of any entrepreneurial project, some of Jaspreet’s mistakes and learnings, and his favorite financial tips and hacks.

Jaspreet Singh (@m2jaspreetsingh) is a licensed attorney and serial entrepreneur, who in 2015 decided to help others avoid the financial mistakes he made and founded Minority Mindset - a financial media company and popular YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.


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Minority Mindset: YouTube Channel | Minority Mindset News Channel | Website | Instagram

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Full Show Notes

Who is Jaspreet Singh? [00: 16]

What is a minority mindset? [01:30]

How Jaspreet’s life experiences led him to develop a minority mindset? [01:56]

When he finally figured out he can actually be an entrepreneur (and didn’t have to be a doctor). [06:41]

How to think differently EVEN when your loved ones don’t support you. [08:37]

What changes do you have to make to start escaping the rat race? [13:06]

How you can use your creativity to start a business without spending a lot of money (or risk). [15:56]

How to stay consistent on YouTube even if no one is watching your content.  [19:19]

Instead of working to make money, work to build assets. [22:04]

Here’s why you’ll probably need more than one job. [25:01]

Good reasons to save money vs. bad reasons to save money. [30:19]

Follow The Rule of 5 before spending your money. [34:16]

What Jaspreet loves to splurge on. [37:22]

How to connect with Jaspreet Singh. [40:27]


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