Jan. 11, 2023

Optimizing Your Health: Diagnostic Tests, Choosing a Doctor, Sleep, Longevity, Inflammation and More

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#97: Physician and entrepreneur, Jordan Shlain MD, joins Chris to discuss optimizing your health. They cover the pillars of longevity, how things like sleep, diet, and exercise affect your overall health, finding a new physician, what types of diagnostic tests to consider and more.

Jordan Shlain MD (@drjordanshlain) is a primary care physician and the founder of Private Medical, a concierge medical practice focused on proactive prevention. He's also the Founder of Eat REAL, a non-profit organization aimed at helping school systems improve the quality of their school lunch programs and was previously the founder of HealthLoop, a platform to monitor and communicate with patients during the recovery process.


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Dr. Jordan Shlain: LinkedIn | Podcast | Twitter

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Full Show Notes

Introduction to Dr. Jordan Shlain (00:00)

The current state of the US healthcare system (01:09)

Affordable Care Act and Accountable Care Organization (04:52)

Taking a proactive approach to keeping yourself informed and optimized (09:25)

Testing (10:26)

MRI and MRA (11:34)

Who are you? Baseline tests and panels to run to learn the state of your health (13:13)

Information about inflammageing (14:08)

Cancer test: Grail (15:06)

Understanding your blood pressure (15:39)

Tests for those who have a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol (16:13)

Inside Tracker (17:29)

Other testing companies available to consumers (17:58)

Looking through the lens of safety and efficacy (20:47)

Unpacking longevity (24:45)

Hydration (26:26)

Alcohol (28:27)

Sleep, cortisol levels, and the glymphatic system (29:07)

Diet (30:47)

Exercise (32:40)

Supplements, IV drips (33:25)

Sugar and Dr. Shlain’s Eat Real non-profit organization (33:56)

Connecting sugar intake with fiber (36:17)

Consuming sweets in moderation across time (38:28)

Glucose monitoring (39:34)

Dr. Shlain’s take on supplements (41:17)

Combatting dental issues with toothpaste (44:21)

The How Are You framework (45:42)

What is your trajectory? (48:12)

High Cholesterol (53:31)

Interpreting data and finding the right doctor (55:44)

The importance of building long-term relationships with healthcare providers (60:00)

Question to ask when interviewing a potential new physician (1:01:40)

The rise of membership-based medicine (1:02:24)

Investing in your health (1:03:30)

Where to find Dr. Shlain (1:12:17)




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