July 14, 2021

Making Money from Side Hustles

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#11: Chief Side Hustler Nick Loper joins Chris to talk all about side hustles, including some easy ways to make extra cash, bigger opportunities to replace your job, making passive income and  finding profitable business ideas.

Nick Loper (@nloper) is founder of Side Hustle Nation, the host of the Side Hustle Show podcast. He has quite a few side hustles under his belt, including self publishing multiple books, flipping products on eBay and starting (and selling) his online businesses.


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Nick Loper:  LinkedIn | Twitter| YouTube

Side Hustle Nation: Website | Podcast | Facebook Group

Make money through market research: User Interviews | Respondent 

Grocery side hustles: Instacart 

Driving side hustles: Doordash | Uber 

Print on demand: Redbubble | Merch By Amazon

Writing marketplaces: Medium | LinkedIn

Mobile Notary Loan Signing 

Learn web design: CodeAcademy | Self Made Web Designer

Freelancing websites: UpWork | Fiverr

Become a remote bookkeeper

How to become a Salesforce consultant

Help people with tasks: Taskrabbit | Thumbtack

Active Campaign Demo Video 

How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business

Finding ideas: Rip, Pivot, and Jam Method | Side Hustle Nation Ideas Page

Clipboard tools: Alfred | ClipX 

Turning a Service Business into Passive Income (motorcycle guy)


Full Show Notes

Who is Nick Loper? [00:18]

How did Nick become the side hustle guy? [01:02]

What is a side hustle? [02:16]

Nick’s first side hustle [03:46]

The first few years of entrepreneurial experimentation [05:16]

Should you start a business around your passion? [06:10]

5 day $500 challenge: 3 no brainer side hustle ideas [08:39]

Metrics you can use to compare side hustles[11:40]

Side hustles you can do in 15 minute blocks [13:13]

If you just want to do a one off blog, do this. [15:23]

Easily sell t-shirts and stickers online [16:08]

5 skills you can learn online to increase your income. [19:15]

What is the “software with a service” side hustle model? [22:36]

Marketplaces where you can sell your services [25:01]

If you just mastered a skill or found a solution to a problem, do THIS. [27:22]

How can you monetize your YouTube channel? [28:32]

Active vs. passive income stream (an example of how someone creatively built passive income) [29:10]

The best advice about making money is this. [32:28]

How Nick made $6000 dollars in just a few hours of work. (it doesn’t have to go viral to make money) [33:21]

Should you start with easier side hustles or should you start with the slow route? [34:17]

Advice to everyone starting a podcast (setting quit dates). [36:06]

Before committing to a path, look for this first. [37:32]

Finding business ideas: What Sucks Method [40:04]

Finding business ideas: Rip, Pivot and Jam Method [41:24]

Finding business ideas: Sniper Method (niching down) [43:10]

Turning your 9 to 5 into a side hustle. [45:40]

How does Nick make a living? [47:18]

3 bonus hacks [48:12]

Think of side hustles as an experiment. (test, test, test) [50:12]


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