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Favorite new podcast!

Thank you Chris for creating this awesome podcast. I have shared and utilized many of the hacks since I started listening. I can safely say I either saved or “found” a couple hundred dollars in past month by following a the various hacks mentioned in the episodes. Keep the incredible content coming!

Great Jib!

I look forward hearing from you weekly. Try to keep the podcasts about 30 mins… all the best


Never have I ever taken notes from a podcast and adapted my lifestyle to it. You will learn so much that will benefit you financially. I can’t wait until each new episode. Please keep up the greatness. Side note can you talk about investing for beginners? I need to know how to pick a stock, what to look for and how to invest. I need all the help I can get. Thanks again for the wonderful content!

Great Jib!

I look forward hearing from you weekly. Try to keep the podcasts about 30 mins… all the best


This podcast is filled with high quality, practical life pro tips in many different aspects from travel to personal finance. Thank you Chris for the awesome contents!

Love the variety.

This podcast is amazing. Wide range of topics to help improve your life in many different areas.

Actually life changing

It is rare that you can say that you listen to a podcast and it actually makes a significant impact on your life. This has happened to me now multiple times listening to this extraordinary podcast. It has demystified credit card points, cheaper travel and investing in cryptocurrency up to this point for me, I have followed advice and have had real upgrade to my life. I can’t thank Chris and his guests enough can’t wait to see what comes next.

Valuable hacks!

Thanks so much for creating this! There is so much value here. Loved the recent episode on crypto - so timely!

Practical Life Hacks!

I love that the hacks are practical! It’s just reasonable information and I appreciate when Chris asks the guests how certain hacks can work for parents.


Absolutely love the show. So many great ideas.

Awesome Podcast!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! So much great information and helpful tips!

Excellent content

I love this podcast. The content is extremely versatile and very useful information. Please keep them coming, especially the travel hacks!

Every episode has great insights - just start listening

Look forward to every episode for useful ideas. And as a fellow podcaster I appreciate the editing, show notes, and most importantly, quality of each guest.

Love The Podcast

I love this podcast. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to learn more. Thank you.

Instant Favorite

This podcast has instantly provided me with so much information. My Fiancé and I want to travel a lot more, including planning our wedding in Europe next year! This podcast has really informed me of so many hacks that save time and money. I work in the rental car industry and it was great hearing some things that he said that were so true! Give us more episodes!

New Favorite

I’ve been an OG podcast listener and am pretty picky as to what shows I listen to regularly. All the Hacks has definitely become one that I’ve been listening to regularly if not multiple times because the value and density of information is so good! Audio gold my friends

He Walks the Talk

Chris knows what he is talking about! Great information and advice in this podcast that will improve your life.

Great info!!

The travel hacking episode was full of so much great content! I will definitely be listening to it again.

Awesome hacks!

Loving all the hacks and great ideas this podcast has presented on a more deeper level. Please keep all things related to travel and credit card hacking coming! Thoroughly enjoying this a ton!

Everything is 5.X

Big fan of this show. Really quality content. I know there are show notes but I spend the entire episode stopping to write down all of the good tips that Chris and his guests are providing . Glad that this podcast exists

Amazing show!

I have learned so much with just the first few episodes! So good!


There are only a few episodes so far, but this is an exceptional podcast. I can't wait to listen to each new episode and I get a ton of great ideas listening to each one. I hope Chris can keep up the high value topics going forward. Love it!


Love good savings hack. Would love to hear a Disney savings hack episode!


Keep up the good work @Chris. Appreciate all the info you provide to those willing to execute!

Love the Quality!

I am extremely excited to see where this podcast takes us. There are other “life hack” podcasts out there but this one has so much more depth then those. Please keep this going!

First episode saved me $120

Listened to episode 1 and immediately cancelled a booking I made through a third party site and booked directly with the hotel. This saved me $120 and will likely lead to some upgrades. This podcast has great hacks!

One stop shop for all the hacks

Awesome podcast for the easy hacks. You can apply some of not all to improve your life. Thanks Chris for the podcast. - Rakesh

Great podcast

Just listened to the first two podcasts. Got slot of very helpful, insightful info. Can’t wait for more!

Awesome show

I think you can get a ton of knowledge from this, but most importantly it’s entertaining.

Next big podcast!

Chris has some amazing insight. Can't wait to see how the podcast grows