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Many nuggets of wisdom to improve this life!

Thanks to a Tim Ferris episode where this podcast was mentioned. Every episode delivers value.

Great show for Travel and health hacks

Great show for Travel and health hacks plus much more.

Great Podcast- Life Changing

I discovered Chris and his podcast when he was interviewed on another podcast. I’m so glad I did. His shows are informative, insightful, and push the envelope on how we can and should be proactive in taking control of our lives. Because no one else will. Thanks Chris for the very useful content. They’re all great but the ones on health and healthcare are very important and not to be missed.

Excellent show.

One of the few podcast I really listen to every episode.

Love the show!

I am so glad I discovered this podcast a while back! Love the content, variety of topics covered and getting real, practical tips, tricks and hacks. Just got $260 saved on a purchase of a washer and dryer from Home Depot using a hack learned on the show. Was about to get a 15% off HD coupon from but realized I couldn’t apply it on my purchase which was already on sale. Quick chat with customer support and there you go - was offered a nice discount. Making a purchase through a Capital One link with a 5% cash back offer further sweetened the deal. Thanks Chris!

Amazing interview with Dr. Shlain

You continue to be my favorite podcast! (And, I listen to many pods!) Thanks so much for your variety of topics, each designed to improve our lives, and in particular for hosting Dr. Shlain this week. Since discovering you in mid 2022, I’ve listened to quite a few of your always insightful episodes. This one covering health was much appreciated. Your careful research and questions combined with the doc’s extremely thoughtful answers, tips and seasoned/vetted info and advice was helpful together with your sharing the highlights of your personal health journey re: cholesterol. As suggested at the end of your episode, please do bring back Dr. Shlain as often as you both have time to cover other health topics (i.e. and to name a few: the latest recommendations and best standards for dental, vision, neurological, digestive, urological and gynecological health, etc).

Great Podcast on Concierge medicine

Bring back Dr Jordan Shlain. Great questions and very informative. Most importantly made me aware that concierge medicine not as expensive as perceived.

My new favorite podcast

I looked up All the Hacks after hearing Chris interviewed on another podcast, and in a few short weeks, it has become my new favorite podcast. Some of the episodes (especially the Die with Zero one and the healthcare ones) have changed the way I look at life. And in every single episode, I learn something new that improves my financial situation. I have already become much more optimized and efficient with my card use, and I am inspired to start amassing points for my 40th birthday next year—something I thought I couldn’t afford. Chris and his guests have shown me how I can squeeze out the value from the dollars I’m already spending, to maximize my enjoyment in life. I have sent so many episodes to friends and family because there is a show covering almost all the key aspects of life. Also, I had a credit card question and emailed Chris, and was surprised to find an actual (not canned) reply from him that answered my question and acknowledged my idea for a future show. So grateful for this podcast. I am catching up on older episodes and each one brings something new to the table. So glad I stumbled upon All the Hacks.


Hi Chris, Love the travel “London” podcast! Can you talk about France and Italy, please? :-) I am planning to visit UK “London”, France”Paris”, and Italy “not sure where yet” in 2024 Thanks Helaine

Amazing content!

Chris brings together a wide variety of life topics: finance, parenting, fitness, travel, etc. it’s exactly the kind of podcast I’m looking for. When searching for a specific topic, the show can often get stale not because the podcast hosts but because I only want to dive so deep into a particular subject. Chris brings on guests that allow me to think through domains I normally don’t think about on my own but goes deep enough that I can pick up the threads and dive deeper. Highly recommend!

Great podcast

Great podcast covering anything from personal finance, travel and health.

Great tips and best practices!

Chris does a great job of sharing tips and information to make your life better in all areas! He asks insightful questions and brings a wealth of knowledge. I gain at least one thing to practically apply to my life every episode - often it’s more than one thing!

Great Podcast!

I heard Chris guest star on another podcast and he was sharing all these incredible life hacks with finance and points, so I decided to check out his show and it does not disappoint. Highly recommended!!!

Great podcast

Great podcast covering anything from personal finance, travel and health.

The best podcast out there

Chris does an incredible job of bringing insightful and practical information to his listeners each week.

Great variety of content, especially love the travel episodes!

Chris, love the variety of hacks you share on this podcast. So many practical tips and tricks that I’ve never thought of before. Especially loved the recent episode on London! Would love to hear more city/country specific episodes!

Favorite Podcast

My new favorite podcast! 🌟

Great podcast

I’ve skipped a few episodes here and there, but mostly love the useful and interesting info I learn from Chris and his guests

Glad to have found this show

I am new to listening to podcasts and I am so happy to have found All the Hacks. I didn’t think podcasts would be helpful to me but All the Hacks is so full of helpful tips, hacks, and just ideas for a more meaningful, productive, and happy life. I am not at all bothered by the two ads that are played twice in each episode because I greatly appreciate what I get from Chris FOR FREE. The least I can do is sit through ads that helps All the Hacks continue to make phenomenal content.

Great Advice for Travel and More

This podcast has changed the way I book travel. I quickly learned to transfer miles to partners instead of booking through the portal and have made great use of PointMe to maximize my point usage. I definitely came to this podcast for travel tips, but have enjoyed a lot of the other content as well including negotiation and financial planning. I also appreciate that Chris takes the time to look into meaningful sponsors for the show. I normally will skip ads when listening to podcasts but I don’t on All the Hacks because I view them as an extension of the show, that is, great companies vetted by Chris that can help me maximize my life. A well deserved 5 stars!

Bingeable Podcast

I discovered this podcast about two weeks ago and have already listened to approximately 30 episodes. I have about 10 so far that I plan to re listen to because the information is THAT good. The host, Chris, has the rare ability to add to the interview without getting in the way. Even though many of the episodes are about optimizing travel and CC points (which I am new to but have now gone all the way down that rabbit hole), the show is really about how to make the most of this life we have been given.

Interesting topics and guests

Lots of great ideas to optimize your life

Great shoe

I have found a lot of amazing information in this show. So many practical and life outlook hacks. It’s the only podcast I actually listen to every week.

Quickly became my favorite podcast

Chris Hutchins is a thoughtful host who brings on great guests who have quickly had a positive effect on my life. It’s fun to hear how much Chris cares about each subject that he brings to the show.

Great practical podcast

A lot of useful tips that everyone can use in their individual life!

High Value Podcast

“All the Hacks” is one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. As host, Chris Hutchins provides valuable insight from his own experiences and adventures on traveling, credit card point optimization, and all around lifestyle maximization. I’ve benefited countless times from his recommendations and those of his guests.

Favorite Podcast

I love this Podcast! Always insightful and inspiring. It definitely gets the wheels turning. -Kyle T


I found this pod through his appearance on Ben Carlson’s show… and Chris has really opened up my mind to the possibilities of credit card spending. Chris also comes off as pretty relatable and enthusiastic about the products and ideas he’s talking about. Beyond that there are really good episodes about all sorts of live advice and guidance. I usually dislike self-help podcasts and not every episode is going to be relavent for everyone but overall this has been a great find for me in 2022.


A lot of info and the lessons is good.

Love it!

I love learning and this podcast has so many topics that I am curious about. The interviews are done so well and they are so easy to listen to. I’m always sad whenever each episode is over!