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Now I’m hooked

I discovered All the Hacks when Chris interviewed Arthur Brooks, and now I’m hooked. I often need to listen to an episode a few times to process all the valuable information!

Best travel/credit card podcast

I’ve gotten a lot of good info

Awesome podcast

Love the points and miles content

Perfect Podcast for financial motivation

Love this podcast and all of the tips and advice it offers

Day 1 fan

I discovered and subscribed to All The Hacks on day one. I was new to the points and miles game and Chris really helped me to get clear on how to maximize earning and redeeming points. Since then, I’ve also learned to optimize other areas in my life with all the other great hacks he shares. Chris is so open and honest and I appreciate his thoughtfulness and transparency as a host.

Fantastic Points and Miles Podcast

Great pod! I love all the points and miles episodes especially :)

Learned things I didn’t know I didn’t know

Enjoy all of Chris’s different topics, from point hacks to health hacks.


Great variety of topics & guests regarding investing and credit card hacks.

Been a subscriber since very early on…

and I love all the content so far, especially the travel-related items. The one thing I wish there was more of was content/strategies for people who are much earlier on in their travels because I’m not quite to the point where I can get access to some of the cards and programs discussed. I’m definitely working on it though so I’m looking forward to it. Otherwise, love Chris’ attitude and am looking forward to the community getting access to more benefits.

Very informative and entertaining. Great guests!

Chris does an outstanding job getting guests who are THE experts in their field. I’ve gotten so many great life, travel, and finance hacks from this show! Thanks Chris!!

One of my favorite podcasts

I have really enjoyed learning “All the Hacks” as you would say from this podcast. Almost every episode I find something new to explore!

Great content and tips

I only discovered this in the last year. Wish I knew about it years ago. So much quality.

Renewed my interest in Travel Hacking

I’ve been traveling hacking for awhile, but since the pandemic I started not focusing on it very much. This show has helped to re-energize my interest and provided information for new tools to help me to keep track of all the moving pieces. I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and look for to going back to previous shows.

Great tips awesome show notes

This podcast is enjoyable and helpful. I’ve already saved money from some of the hacks I’ve learned. I especially appreciate who well organized and helpful the show notes are. They link to all the hacks the info discussed in the episode. It makes it so much easier start using the hacks.

Such a practical, informative & entertaining podcast

I learn something new each episode. Highly recommend you subscribe so you don't miss topics of interest to you when they come along.

Optimizers Unite!

This is a great podcast, it’s covers a range of areas in life that you can optimize, with an emphasis on travel. I started travel hacking about 3-4 years ago, was skeptical at first, but have since been trying to optimize every aspect of travel hacking and credit cards in all areas of my life. This podcast is great, look forward to each weeks podcast. I’m a life optimizer, about 6 years ago I took a job as a optimization engineer, so you can say it’s something I’m “good” at? Sometimes an optimizer will waste time over analyzing and delaying, but I make sure I’m intentional and not over complicate optimizing everything in life.

Super interesting, insightful, and helpful!

I love this podcast! I’ve learned so much about points, crypto, traveling, and health. The episode with Arthur Brooks was one of my favorites!

Wish I found this podcast sooner

Heard about this show from Julia @geobreeze! Love this podcast! Wish I found it sooner!

Great Content

Love this show. I always learn something new and Chris genuinely wants us share his knowledge. Overall great vibe.

Goldmine of advice/tips/hacks

For a life optimizer, this podcast is gold. Have enjoyed listening to every episode. I initially thought would be a financial/ travel point optimization podcast, but it has been so much more! Health, relationships, time management… touches every aspect of life. Keep it up Chris!

Better than True Crime!

Seriously, I’ve been on the true crime podcast bandwagon for too long. I needed something healthier and happier to listen to, that also appealed to my interests. Chris has great guests, and is always talking about one of my biggest passions: travel! I love learning more and more from this podcast.

Excellent wealth of knowledge

I’ve learned so many hacks listening to Chris’ show that I feel guilty listening for free! I truly enjoy the content and look forward to leaning more helpful, key life tips. The show is clear and easy to understand, I’ve recommended this podcast to friends and family.

Great podcast

I love hacks that have practical applications. This podcast provides great tips for hacking life.

Episode #4 Made me $6k

Chris, thanks for all the info you and your guest on episode #4 gave us! We listed to it a few times on a road trip through Big Sur. We had a lease that was ending the next month and because of the tips on that episode we were able to get the equity from the lease and come out with $6k in our pocket the next month! That was the last debt we had and ended with a bang! Please continue to share your hacks! I share this podcast with everyone 😎

One of the best

I’ve been listening since the first episode. Hands down one of my fav podcasts! educational, fun, & so inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Chris!

Quality Podcast

One of the highest-quality financial podcasts I’ve come across! Very practical information that anyone can understand and apply.


Very informational and great insights on points stacking!

Excellent podcast

Great podcast, diverse information, short and sweet, universally useful.

Like the podcast

I like this podcast and have learned a lot about financial info & travel. Great job on these episodes! I do have some concerns about the episodes that discuss health “hacks”. I found Episode 32 especially troubling. I think there should be major warnings when people are discussing health related items, and are recommending specific supplements or treatments. This guy has a doctor that he pays a lot of money to have these treatments and be monitored to make sure he’s doing them safely and not negatively impacting himself. Most people who may hear this and do some DIY treatment do not have this level of monitoring or input from a doctor. I would like more disclaimer that people need to work with an actual doctor and that this is not medical advice that people should DIY.

Actionable tips

Love this podcast! Lots of actionable tips and tricks for travel and other great life hacks. Also, I appreciate all the diving into different unknowns like buyer clubs. I’m also looking forward to the next episode!