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Die with Zero Best Episode so Far

I never leave reviews but I loved this episode. Your guest gives no F’s and is just speaking from the heart about what we all know is true. Keep doing your thing. I know Tim Ferris is probably your friend but he better watch out!

Always a good listen

I love this podcast. He’s very easy to listen to and really cares about getting great content to his listeners.

Informative, actionable, upbeat

Great guests with tons of actionable advice. Chris is super fun and positive. Kudos!

Simply Amazing

Chris, you’re wealth of knowledge and your interest in sharing it makes us all better for it. I find that playing the episodes in the car requires very active listening, so thank you for putting the links in the show notes. I’m very glad I found this podcast. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you.

Made over a hundred in an hour

First heard Chris on the Bigger Money Podcast. When he mentioned checking for unclaimed money figure it was worth a 2 minute search. That paid off to the tune of $135.60. Thanks for the hack!

Love This Podcast!

You are so organized in all your research and willing to try EVERYTHING so you can tell us about it. Thank you!

Love the breadth of content

From travel hacks, money, and living a purposeful life, Chris covers it all. I like how Chris wraps up the interview with the recommendations. Chris is a wonderful interviewer and the guests are top-notch. I don’t even mind the ads! Usually helpful products featured there too. Keep up the great work. I’m learning so much and getting inspired!

Great host, great content!

I love self help and recently got into the points and miles hobby. This podcast is great! Worth going back tot he beginning.

My Favorite Podcast

I appreciate that this podcast is about enriching your life across many categories, which keeps it fresh and interesting. I have learned so much about finances, investing, relationships, credit card points, travel, building a business, along with culture and cuisine. I cannot wait to listen each week.

Fantastic content

This is a fantastic podcast that runs the gamut of life and lifestyle hacks. Chris is a thoughtful and thorough host and his interviews and mailbag episodes are incredibly helpful. Thanks for doing great work!

One of my favorite podcasts

I’ve learned so many life hacks from this show! It touches on so many topics I’m either interested in (personal finance, credit cards, relationships) or not so interested in but NEED to know about (cybersecurity, life insurance). Thank you Chris!

Life changing

I forget how I came across this podcast, but I’m so happy I did! I love listening to it. I’ve implemented a lot of what Chris suggests both for life and business. You can tell he does his research and spends time creating this podcast and for that I thank him.

Very good

Love the show and Chris’s enthusiasm!

Next Level Optimization

Chris is an absolute master at optimizing life, and by sharing these life hacks, he arms you with the necessary knowledge to invest more of your time, money and energy into things which make a meaningful difference in life, and to cut out the inefficiencies along the way!

Thank you Chris!

We have traveled multiple times for free using points thanks to Chris and his tips! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks.

Most Useful Pod

This is the best, most useful podcast I listen to. I have actually saved money from using these hacks and am now in the points & miles game after being mystified by it for so long. It’s like adulting pro tips.

My most informative podcast

I listen to many podcasts. This one is the podcast I take notes when I listen. I wish this was mandatory listening in high schools

My favorite podcast

This is one of the best podcasts for getting relevant and excellent points and travel advice. I look forward to new episodes and recommend to family and friends.

All the hacks is exactly right

I’m always on the search for great travel podcasts. This was a wonderful find! What I appreciate especially, though, is how many hacks he covers in other areas of life beyond travel…from investments to self-discipline to security, his interviews challenge me to think about the best way to handle ALL aspects of my life. Added bonus that this is a podcast that I can listen to with my husband (who has very different interests than I do), and it keeps us both engaged and has led to discussions more than once.

Very practical and helpful!

Hats off to Chris for providing so much valuable information! Many of the hacks are practical to implement and I learn something new in every episode!

Chris is an excellent interviewer

Chris has an attention to detail that makes his interviews fun!

Cuts to the chase every week

I learn at least one exciting idea to implement each time. The podcast has no filler, another bonus.

Great interview

Came across the interview with Sam @ Financial Samurai - loved it. Buy This Not That is the best personal finance book I’ve read by far. Thanks for hosting!

Sometimes more useful than the Tim Ferriss show!

This podcast has turned into such a delightful surprise. Chris has been bringing on lots of fascinating guests and, in each episode, my wife and I usually find lots of great takeaways even when we didn’t expect to! At the very least you’ll learn a ton about investing and travel hacking, but I actually think you’ll get a lot more out of it than that.

Wish more women were on the show

I love the podcast. Chris asks his guests great questions and I’ve learned a lot. I listened to many episodes on a road trip and just noticed out of the several episodes I’ve listened to, only one has a female on the show, The author of the 275 hacks book. Would appreciate more of a woman’s perspective. Especially with the traveling episode with Sebastian. I’d like to hear more about traveling safely as a female. There are things women have to worry about more than men in regards to safety. Just an observation, but truly appreciate the podcast overall.

Always useful and insightful!

Even though every episode doesn’t sound applicable, there is always at least one hidden gem. I am appreciative that Chris is aware of everyone’s limited time, so he efficiently and effectively conducts the interviewers and/or presents solo. I eagerly look forward to each episode!

Useful podcast!

I’ve been listening to All the Hacks since hearing the host Chris Hutchins describe the podcast as a guest on ChooseFI. Chris has an inspiring worldview and he finds incredibly energetic guests. Can your life ever be too good? Doubt it. Can you over optimize? Absolutely. Love hearing Chris’s journey with that, which I find highly relatable. There are so many good episodes covering different topics. Love the intersections of leading a fulfilling life while being money conscious and having fun.

Enjoyable podcast with great guests!

Chris does his homework and has great guests on his podcast. it’s also nice to hear thoughts from a founder creator who has sold their business before. It was fun to chat and I wish Chris the best in his new adventures! - Sam, Financial Samurai

Great podcast with usable information

Wonderful podcast & really enjoy the new Friday Q&As.

#1 Travel Hack Podcast

I found Chris via another podcast where I was impressed with the level of detail of point hacking pertaining to credit cards and travel. I built up my credit score over the years and have access to top tier cards, but which one to use and when, and more importantly how to maximize points is what I love about ATH - the podcast, website and newsletter is the most useful resource I have found when it comes to determining the best use of one’s points! Chris has recently branched off into other areas of “hacks”, which although not all of them pertain to me, I always learn something new. I never knew there was a playbook for hosting the best cocktail networking event, but now I know the steps and plan to host one soon!