May 11, 2022

Listener Q&A Live Show + Big Anniversary Giveaway!

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#56: Today, our Host, Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) celebrates the one year anniversary of All The Hacks! This was a live Q&A recorded on May 9th, 2022 with All The Hacks listeners tuning in. Chris answers questions on earning points buying a house and car, how flexibility helps you save big on award flights, whether elite status is worth it and much more. This is a really fun episode with 3 big giveaways you can enter for 10k miles, a $100 Vuori gift card and a lifetime subscription to CardPointers.


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Anniversary Giveaway!

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Full show notes

Q: Colin asks, How can I maximize points while trying to purchase a house or a car?

Q: Chad asks, When planning a trip with points should I aim to book last minute? Or should I plan in advance? 

Q: Webber asks, how should I figure out where to stay in London for a luxury splurge?

Q: Mallorie asks, how should I plan my trip to Japan while also making sure that I optimize my credit card award bonuses? How do I know which new cards to sign up for?

Q: Brandy asks, how do you decide when to maximize points and when to just spend the money to save the time?

Q: Jared asks, how important is elite status?

Q: Andrew asks, if it’s worth staying with IHG when Hyatt seems to be the best hotel transfer partner?

Q: JC asks, how does Chris keep all his podcast notes organized?

Q: Mallory asks, if you are lower income, how can you start earning bonuses?

Q: Yevgeniy asks, are there any BlockFi alternatives for high yield?

Q: Peter asks, what are your tips for students who don’t have established credit?

Q: Benji asks, is there a cash back debit card?

Q: Mallorie asks, when you have a lot of financial goals, but limited financial resources; where do you start?

Q: Webber asks, what are the best cards to use on Amazon?

Q: Lessie asks: what about Discover cards?

Q: Marlin asks, what cards should I use to optimize my spend while doing my home remodel?

All the Hacks Anniversary Giveaway



The Quick Hacks

  • Use your favorite card for a down payment on your new car (including Tesla!)
  • Don’t forget about “Position flights” or flying from one smaller airport to a major hub.
  • CardPointers is an amazing app for tracking and optimizing your points.
  • Don’t forget to try the “reconsideration line” if you ever get declined for a card
  • If you have an old card, don’t cancel the card, it’s helping your credit score! If it has a fee you don’t want to pay, ask to get the card downgraded to a no annual fee card.
  • When appropriate: don’t pay in cash, pay in gift cards!


Editors Note

Wish Amy and Chris the best of luck; baby two coming very soon!



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