Jan. 25, 2023

Top Ways to Make This Year Amazing and Seven Simple Questions for Your Annual Review

#99: Investor and entrepreneur Sahil Bloom joins Chris to discuss performing a personal annual review. Sahil outlines the seven questions everyone should ask when reflecting on the previous year and establishing goals for the new one. Additionally, they offer strategies, tips, and advice to increase your happiness, energy, and sense of fulfillment while decreasing your stress and anxiety to make 2023 an amazing year.

Sahil Bloom (@SahilBloom) is among the most dynamic and up-and-coming financial personalities in the business world. Choosing to pursue a writing career that would be more fulfilling and rewarding, Sahil left his job in investment banking and private equity, recently launched a venture fund, SRB Ventures, and writes The Curiosity Chronicle.


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Full Show Notes

Introduction (00:00)

New Year’s resolutions: Planning vs. Reflecting (01:28)

Personal annual review (02:17)

What did I change my mind about this year? (03:24)

What created energy for me? (13:10)

What drained my energy? (16:18)

What (or who) were the boat anchors in my life? (23:29)

What did I not do because of fear? (25:15)

What are my greatest hits and worst misses from the year? (30:44)

What did I learn this year? (33:06)

How to set the course for the year to figure out where you’re headed (34:46)

Journaling: Sahil’s 1-1-1 method (36:51)

Energy Calendar technique (40:31)

Taking breaks (45:58)

Batching emails into Windows (47:49)

Adjusting Twitter settings to promote productivity (50:56)

Learning to outsource your tasks (52:27)

Health: 5-5-5-30 (53:28)

Sahil’s morning routine (54:41)

Tech-free walk (56:02)

Time-restricted eating (56:58)

Basic diagnostics of who you are (57:14)

Stop using alarms (58:01)

Eat apples (59:10)

Personal power-down ritual (1:01:28)

Vocalize your appreciation (1:02:59)

Enjoying a meal by yourself (1:03:31)

Spending quality time with your family (1:04:05)

Setting up direct deposit for investments on a monthly basis (1:04:57)

Automating financial tasks (1:05:25)

Sahil’s 48-hour rule (1:05:54)

Chris’s money hacks (1:06:36)

Sahil’s Bangalore, India recommendation (1:09:33)

Chris’s India recommendation (1:10:31)

Where to find Sahil Bloom online (1:11:07)