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Money + Investing

Becoming a Better Investor

Sept. 8, 2021

#19: Legendary investor Andy Rachleff chats with Chris about how you should be investing your money to build your wealth. They discuss the investing mistakes so many make, when it makes sense to pick stocks and why you might…

Money + Investing

Do You Really Need a Budget

Aug. 18, 2021

#16: Entrepreneur and budgeting pro Jesse Mecham joins Chris to talk about why you need a budget regardless of how much you make. They also discuss about why budgeting gets a bad rap, how to make it easy, why you might be do…

Money + Investing

Marriage, Kids and Money Hacks

Aug. 11, 2021

#15: Andy Hill joins Chris to discuss all the marriage, kids and money hacks. They discuss combining finances, teaching your kids about money, and how to get on the same page with your spouse when it comes to money. Andy Hil…

Money + Investing

House Hacking To Build Your Wealth

Aug. 4, 2021

#14: Real Estate Pro Andrew Kerr joins Chris to discuss house hacking. They talk about six different types of house hacks you can use to start saving money, tips for buying and selling properties, and how to start thinking a…

Money + Investing

Afford Anything, Escape the 9-5, Passive Income and More

July 28, 2021

#13: Afford Anything founder Paula Pant joins Chris to discuss how you can afford ANYTHING (but not everything). They also discuss how you can escape the 9-5, start making passive income, and take mini and/or semi-retirement…

Money + Investing

Making Money from Side Hustles

July 14, 2021

#11: Chief Side Hustler Nick Loper joins Chris to talk all about side hustles, including some easy ways to make extra cash, bigger opportunities to replace your job, making passive income and finding profitable business ide…

Money + Investing

Practical Money Hacks with Lisa Rowan

July 7, 2021

#10: "Money Hacks" author Lisa Rowan joins Chris to talk about lots of money hacks your might not know about, including grocery store hacks, deals on prescriptions, finding and claiming your missing money and getting things …

Money + Investing

How to Live Your Rich Life with Ramit Sethi

June 30, 2021

#9: Bestselling author Ramit Sethi joins Chris to talk about what living a rich life really means and how to start living one. They also discuss money rules that make your finances easier, the invisible scripts society has c…

Money + Investing

Earning 9% on Cash, Investing in Crypto and Trading Options

June 23, 2021

#8: Crypto expert Zac Prince, joins Chris to talk about how to earn up to 9% interest on cash through crypto stablecoins. They also discuss Zac’s favorite investing hacks, his crypto portfolio advice, Bitcoin, Ethereum and o…

Money + Investing

The Psychology of Money with Morgan Housel

June 9, 2021

#6: Renowned financial columnist, Morgan Housel talks with Chris about the psychology of money. They discuss the mindset of winning investors, new ways to think about risk, when to hold cash vs. invest, and how you can stop …

Money + Investing

Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Car

May 26, 2021

#4: Professional car buyer LeeAnn Shattuck joins Chris to talk about getting the best deal when buying and selling a vehicle. They discuss the buying new and used cars, making the decision to lease or buy, negotiating the be…

Money + Investing

Financial Independence Without a Six Figure Salary

May 13, 2021

#2: Financial independence (FI) expert Brad Barrett joins Chris to discuss how you can achieve FI no matter how much you make, including how much money you need to hit FI, savings hacks you can use along the way, and the pow…